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Additional Sport Supported by Paarl Boys' Primary School

Water Polo, Golf and Squash are offered by Paarl Boys' Primary School, but have not yet achieved full school sports status and cannot be offered at the same level as school sports.
They are however considered part of the school's extensive sports program with a view to offering it as full-fledged school sports in the near future.



Water Polo is available to all learners in Grades 5, 6 and 7.   There is one u.13 team and one u.11 team.

Water Polo practice will take place twice a week with matches on a Friday and/or Saturday.

Team Selection

The organizer and coach will decide on the composition of a team.  Ability is all that counts.  The team choice may change according to the development of the players. 

The B team may also rotate to give other players the opportunity to compete during matches.


We receive invitations to tournaments offered by other schools.  These tournaments generally take place in term 1 and 4.    


Learners are required to wear a swimming costume (speedo-style) during a practice at school.  

During matches, learners must be neatly dressed in BPS blue PT shorts and white BPS shirt or the kit supplied for the u.13A Team.  



Practice Times

Will be according to the school's Extra-mural programme.


League matches take place during the second and third term. Matches take place after school, on a Friday afternoon. If it is an away match, our boys will be transported to the opposing school and returned to our school at the end of the match.

Team selection

Team selection will be made by the coach. Trials will be held at the beginning of each year. Ability is all that counts. The team choice may change according to the development of the players.

Only Grades 5, 6 & 7 will be included in a touring team if the school is invited to tour together with the other sporting codes.


We receive invitations to tournaments offered by other schools. These may take place in any term. Learners are informed when invitations are received.

Boland Trials

The learners are notified when the trials begin, and they enter as individuals. The Boland Squash League notifies those who have been selected to continue with further rounds. Parents accompany the learners to these events.


Learners must always wear non-marking courts shoes as well as protective eye gear when they enter a court.

Friday Training – All learners must wear their Paarl Boys Primary white golf shirt and the blue PT shorts.

Matches between BPS and any school - All learners must wear their Paarl Boys’ Primary white golf shirt and the blue PT shorts.

Tournaments entered individually e.g. Paarl Junior Open. Learners may wear any approved squash court gear.


A meeting will be held with all parents at the start of each year to review the training and competition programme. All cost will be discussed and confirmed.

Squash First Team Clothing Sponsors



Practice Times

Golf will take place at Boschenmeer Golf Club and practice times will be indicated by the school extra mural programme.


Due to green fees, there will be a cost involved for all learners participating in golf.


Players are required to wear any suitable golf clothing for practice and a white BPS Golf Shirt and any pair of Chino's - long or short - for matches.

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