Risk Taker


2021 will be Klein Boishaai’s BRAVE year. BRAVE is an acronym for:

Boishaaiers are Risk takers, Adaptable individuals who act with Valour and who are willing to Engage with all people to be of service and build relationships.

The logo for this year’s theme was designed by one of our own boys, Ethan Oosthuizen.

Met hierdie tema, wil ons die seuns aanmoedig om die kans te waag om te doen wat reg is en nie in die gewildheidsslaggat te trap nie.

We want to ignite the perception that our world is not perfect and that we are responsible for creative solutions to deal with the challenges presented.

Ons wil ons seuns aanmoedig om ‘n dapper ingesteldheid te ontwikkel deur nooit tou op te gooi nie, die beste te doen waartoe hulle instaat is en hul suksesse met ‘n nederige houding te waardeer.

Finally, we want to teach our boys to be genuinely interested in all people with the aim to build bridges and not walls. Through this, we want to teach them that although we can’t predict the future, we do know that it is the love between us that makes us strong.