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Mountain Biking

With the dawn of the new millennium, MTB in South Africa became one of the country’s most-loved sports. The overall enthusiasm for the sport is growing among children, and schools are eager to participate in events.

Die Spur MTB liga en ander soortgelyke liga’s poog daarin om skole reg oor die land aan te moedig om kinders te motiveer om bergfiets te ry en liefde vir die sport te kweek.

Just like in all sport, it requires focus, strength, balance, and skill. You have to pull away from a standing position, in the middle of an eager group of peers, and manoeuvre your way through to the front of the pack, all while attacking various obstacles in the form of berms, jumps and glorious pieces of single track.

MTB is ‘n heerlike sport waar die ryers teen hulself kompeteer maar wel ook saamwerk as span wanneer ons aan kompetisies deelneem.

Training happens in two different skill levels:

Beginners and Intermediates. We do also differentiate in the two levels according to the riders’ abilities.

We welcome boys from Grade 1 to Grade 7.

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