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"Every champion was once a contender who never gave up." A quote the swimmers of PAARL BOYS' PRIMARY SCHOOL live by.

Through our annual Interhouse gala, we give all our learners an opportunity to participate against each other in their respective colour-teams. With mass participation, many learners have ignited the passion for water sports at this event.

Our swimming season consists of 20 events with participation ranging from u.7 to u.14.  This gives every swimmer an opportunity to compete.

We pride ourselves in delivering swimmers that form part of the Boland team, as well as swimmers that represent South Africa on a national and international level.

At PAARL BOYS' PRIMARY SCHOOL, qualified coaching ensures not only the development of champions but also stoke correction and the lifelong love for the sport.

Choosing a Team

Swimmers are chosen according to times. These times are determined at the beginning of the year at the Interhouse gala. The four best times for each swimming style are chosen for the A-group swimming team. 

There will be a possibility for a B-group swimmer to be moved up to the A-group swimming group if the swimmers meet the A-group criteria. 


The swimming team of Paarl Boys’ Primary had a phenomenal season. Of the 3 galas we took part in this season, we took home a total of 62 medals and 1 trophy.

The strongest people aren’t always the people who win, but the people who don’t give up when they lose. This season has been a challenge with regards to water restrictions.  However, the boys persevered and kept on swimming. 

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