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Cricket is the summer sport with the highest number of participants, forming at least three to four teams per age group.

Mini-cricket is part of our skills programme, with practices starting directly afterward. This gives the boys a large amount of exposure to the skills needed to participate competitively, followed by a team-oriented practice. 

All our teams compete in the annual interschool cricket matches against Paarl Gymnasium. This is usually a very tight affair.


The school’s senior cricket season started off in February and games were played throughout the first term. Matches were played against Eikestad, Courtrai, Gericke & Durbanville.

Due to Covid 19 the mini cricket teams played their only match against Courtrai.

This year the main focus at the mini cricket was to expose the boys to the game of cricket, where the focus was on developing skills as well as to have fun.

Mini-Cricket this term was another big success. Our boys really enjoyed playing the game. Our parents can be very proud of their boys. BPS has approximately 130 boys from gr.1-3 who practice every week.

Team Selection

Teams are selected on merit. All boys take part in the cricket trials at the beginning of each year, at which point all the relevant coaches are present. The trials are based on the three aspects of cricket; batting, bowling, and fielding. The coaches assess all three.

At u.13 level the boys are also expected to reach certain “fitness” goals, however, if these goals are not reached, they can still be selected for a team, but fitness will then be a target area to be worked on.

Team selection is not final. The necessary considerations will be made by the head coach of the age group and the coach of the respective team should a boy need to be promoted.  The necessary considerations will be made by the head coach of the age group and the coach of the respective team.


Mini-krieket word deur die o.7 – o.9-seuns (graad 1-3) gespeel. Die o.9-leerders begin met hardebaloefeninge om sodoende die leerders voor te berei vir die o.11-ouderdomsgroep, wat met ‘n volledige elfmanspan, hardebalkrieket speel.

Daar is geen o.10-liga in Boland nie, daarom sal die o.10 en o.11-leerders in die o.11-liga speel.

Die o.12 en o.13-leerders speel in die o.13-liga.

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